In 1995, another relocation to Statesville, NC for logistic reasons. A new aluminum polish was developed
at this time, a solvent-based polish that worked extremely well by hand, eclipsing the old "Aluminum Polishing Wash" product by a large margin. Also, Busch introduced a new buffing pad, a 4" round pinhole mount pad. Soon after, a complete buffing product line evolved, including rouge compounds and and a full assortment of buffing pads.


Busch Enterprises was founded in 1981 by Ted Busch in Simsbury, CT. Prior to founding Busch Enterprises, Ted ran a successful advertising agency that had clients such as Moroso Performance, Accel Ignition, Centerline Racing Wheels, and many other companies.

Seeing a hole in the market for a high quality wheel cleaning line, Ted decided to close the advertising agency and get out the chemistry books to design an aluminum cleaner he called "Aluminum Wash". Other products followed, including "Heavy Duty Aluminum Wash", "Chrome Wash", "Tar Wash" and "Aluminum Polishing Wash". The fact that the formula for "Aluminum Wash" hasn't changed since is a testimony to its effectiveness.

In 1985, the Busch family business relocated to Charlotte, NC to take advantage of the booming racing industry and the warmer climate. At this time, a line of colored waxes was developed using expensive Clariant pigments. It was very successful until an influx of cheaper colored waxes flooded the market. Ted then developed a new waterless wax that was very popular in the racing community.